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  About Us

Editmymail Training Services is an interactive and personalized training service for business writing. Individuals and office goers can post their email content securely at editmymail.com to be edited for spelling, punctuation, syntax or other errors by our team of editors and learn by practice.

We serve individuals (office goers) and small business owners from India, Southeast Asia and the Middle East, who are non-native English speakers. It bridges the gap between preaching and doing by providing real time support.
We also provide hand picked contents, specific to business writing, from across the World Wide Web.
Our editors have rich experience in language and corporate affairs, whereby we ensure that they are able to understand the need of the users better.
To make a difference to the business writing skills of people who want to write, refine, learn and excel. We will do this by creating an online training service that gets the work done, makes learning simple and is easily affordable.
Editmymail Training Services is an offshoot of our experience in conducting communication and selling skill workshops for employees of leading organizations for more than a decade.
We had noted that people don’t implement their learning from most training programs beyond a certain period. This is predominantly due to lack of follow-up trainers, proper supervision by reporting heads, sustained assistance, and regular practice. We had encountered several people struggling to climb up the corporate ladder only due to lack of good communication skill.
We often come across our subordinates and friends approaching us for assistance to edit their draft mails. We saw an opportunity in this service considering the huge volume of non-native English speaking population across the globe.
In the last quarter of 2010 We unofficially launched this idea with few of our contacts, who were more than happy to use this service.
It was decided to officially launch Editmymail Training Services, an interactive and personalized training service for mail writing, to help office goers in real time in March 2011. As a pilot run the services was made available as an e-mail based service, which had lot of limitations.
Thanks to the overwhelming support of our users, new registration was suspended within three months of operation and we migrated to this complete web based operations in November 2011, thereby increasing our scope and scale of operation.

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