Small Business E-Mail Advertising - 3 Keys to Success

If you are a small company and want to use the power of e-mail to get your marketing message to your customers and prospects, here are three keys to getting it right and being effective. The first key to successful small business email advertising is to collect the email addresses of your customers.

You need to set up systems in the context of your company directory. No matter how your staff comes into contact with your customers, they must ask for the email address at the point of contact. Whether your company sells a cash register, Frisbees or telephone's, you must train your employees to get the email address, it is the most important thing.

You can support their efforts with secondary collection tactics, like web forms and contests, but nothing is more important than well trained personnel. The second key to effective advertising in business e-mails is using the right tools. For this purpose, nothing beats an online autoresponder. There are other alternatives, such as do-it-yourself is the software on your PC (unstable) and a dedicated server (too expensive), but the regular autroresponder offers the best combination of economy and functionality for the person, running a small business.

Autoresponders enable you to essentially "set it and forget it" by providing a platform for email deliverability and list building. By automating much of the e-mail campaign process in an autoresponder you free up more time, to build your business. You should strongly consider using an online autoresponder for your small business email advertising.

Finally, the third key to effective advertising using business e-mail is be consistent. The power of email is that it allows you to maintain regular, laser-targeted contact with your prospects and customers, thereby building a relationship with them. Relationship is the basis for additional sales. Your competitors are using email to build relationship with their customers, so you should be trying to do so with YOURS.

Delivering your message consistently, week-after-week, is a powerful tactic made possible by email. To get started with this flexible instrument for promotion of small business e-mail, and you will be at the forefront, and not trying to catch up with your competitors. Okay enough of the lessons right? Ive got something really cool for you guys, if your wondering which email service to start with then wonder no more! Check out MailChimp They let you have up to 2,000 sign ups and 12,000 emails per month, FOR FREE! No joke so go and see what I'm talking about. Plus the ads they let you design for your emails are out of this world, so go quit reading this and go to MailChimp now!

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