Professional Letter Writing - 15 Kinds of Letters

The effectiveness of strong letter writing is often overlooked. Writing strong, professional letters to your clients and other businesses is as important as social networking, website blogging, incorporating SEO strategies into your articles, and networking to market your business or yourself.
Letter writing can be as simple as a short paragraph sent in an email, a response to an inquiry, or an elaborated letter written on your letter head sent via snail mail. How you represent yourself as a professional and intelligent person is expressed through your written word. Spelling errors, incorrect grammar and syntax usage, and improper use of punctuation, prepositions, or other parts of speech can significantly affect the impression you give, regardless of how experienced or trained you are in your particular trade or profession.
Knowing which type you need is just the beginning. You do not want to come across as a friendly pen pal if you are writing a business letter; you need to be direct and to the point, yet still be perceived as professional. Your tone and language needs to be strong.
At the same time if you are thanking a donor or business partner, you do not want to come across as cold or aloof. Providing a cover letter to accompany your resume should be written another way; inquiring about a potential employee you are considering should be done differently altogether. In other words, your written correspondence should directly reflect the purpose it is intended for. Letter perfection is always a necessity.
This includes... letters to apologize, thank someone, campaign, fundraise, apply for a grant, apply for hardship, apply for college entry, accept a job, accept a business proposition, for marketing, for sales, for business matters, for friendly purposes, to show interest, and for recommendation. No matter the purpose, your letter needs to be strong, compelling, and readable.
Some businesses get bogged down with the technicalities of conveying effective messages to their clients, employees, prospective business partners, and other affiliates. But taking care with all of your written correspondence is not only wise it is a sound investment. Good writers can save businesses a lot of time, especially those who focus on meeting your needs.
Don't underestimate the need for good written communication and what it represents. There are numerous ways to get your point across and convey a strong message. Something as simple as a poorly written email response can be a disaster for a business. Letter Perfection is always a prerequisite for successful communication for any business.
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