Business Account
   Business Account
As part of the job, employees communicate extensively via email and, whether they like it or not, the perception of them as individuals and the significance of the message they are communicating, is materially affected by the quality of their written communications. Grammatical, syntax, capitalization and other errors seriously detract from the impact they seek to deliver.

Having worked as senior level managers and corporate trainers for the past 25 years, we found that most companies have one or all of the above listed challenges.

  Editmymail Training Services addresses the above challenges faced by companies with its unique approach to training:
  1. At editmymail we enable people to learn to write business English in a secure, non threatening environment.
  2. Since trainer interaction is online, there are no associated costs.
  3. There is no need to set aside separate time or venue out side the work station of the employee.
  4. The employees don�t have to wait to learn before they start sending professional mails or participate in employee engagement activities, like writing feedback or articles for in-house magazine and so on. Our editors will provide the users a ready-to-send edited draft and the corrections to learn. Click here to see the Demo.

What is a Business Account?

  A Business Account is a multiple user account aimed at companies and groups of people who want to improve the business writing skills of their employees/members of the group. Based on their writing habits we have devised three types of plans as below:
This plan is for companies whose employees predominantly send only intra-office short mails of not more than 75 words. Users of this company will rarely exceed the 75 words limit and even if one does, as many edit requests will be counted. For example, if one of the employees makes an edit request of 160 words, it will be treated as three requests and so on.

Note: To know if this plan suits you or not, get the word count of about 50 mails or more of employees from various departments. If more than 20% of the mails exceed 75 words each, it is ideal to go for MU150, else this is the plan for you.

To count the number of words in your mail, copy the content into a MS word Document. You will find the number of words in the bottom left corner as in this screen shot.

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