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 Why is it important to write good English?
Whether we like it or not English is one of the most widely accepted business languages. But, only 340 Million of the world’s Seven Billion people are native English speakers. Hence most people find it difficult to form sentences with proper grammar, punctuation, brevity and clarity. Such mistakes create the following problems:
The Sender is not considered seriously in spite of his high office. (Do you laugh, at times, at your manager's serious mails? Ask him/her to become a member here.)
It dilutes the effect of the communication.
It allows the management to form opinions about the sender as careless, unprofessional, lethargic learner...
When two employees perform alike, the one with better communication gets an edge to be considered for promotion.
 Why editmymail.com?
There are thousands of websites that teach good writing or provide templates of business letters. Some provide correction options to choose from. There are institutes that conduct classes for a fixed period of time.
Many people don’t use it because it is either time consuming (any learning is) or not user friendly, i.e., if they can edit a mail template without mistakes or choose the correct option, they might as well write one, wouldn’t they?
At editmymail.com
  • We edit the body of your official mails in the shortest lean time.
  • It acts as an online helpdesk.
  • It provides a real life reflective learning experience which no courses in business writing can offer.
  • The service is highly personalized. If need arises you can interact with our editors through our IM facility.
 Who should and should not join editmymail.com?
We can help everyone: Proprietors or Partners of Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) or Managers, Supervisors, Executives...from front office, sales , customer support, IT... of corporate and SMBs.
At editmymail.com The above mentioned people can be classified into three types as follows:
There are the top 20% of working people who are genuinely good and do not require any assistance. ‘editmymail.com’ is not for them (we may consider them as our editors, in future, if they are interested).
There are the next 60% who think they are good. They don’t bother to better themselves. They like to blame others, the environment, or the system for their failures and inaction. ‘editmymail.com’ is not for them either because we cannot change their thinking.
Lastly there are this 20% of people who know that they are not so good. They always want to be better. They grab any opportunity that will help them improve. If you are among the last set of 20% ‘editmymail.com’ is for you. We endeavor to help this 20% to reach the top 20%.
 What kind of contents can I send to edit?
We prefer to focus on official mails. Unlike various copyediting and proofreading services we intend to focus on your learning. Hence we request our users to stick to their business communication and refrain from sending us commercial contents like company brochures, website contents etc.
We suggest you to write the body of the mail in your own words. We will then edit the same for grammar, punctuation, brevity and clarity.
Don’t bother about your content clarity. We have provided an option for you to attach a mail trail (without virus), if need be, along with a 'Brief to the Editor' on how the tone of the mail should be (harsh, stinker, request, polite ...). Based on the attachment or brief, our editors will provide you assistance.
 How does editmymail.com work?

"editmymail.com" is a simple to use Web based service.

"Check the Account Setup Video"

The steps involved are as follows:

  Individual Account: (Account Setup)
1. Choose a plan (click here to know which plan will suit you).
2. Register yourself using the simple registration form.
3. Follow the instructions until you login to your secure Dashboard.
4. A free Trial will be added to your account by default.
5. Click the Pay button in your dashboard to pay and remain active.
Business Account: (Account Setup)
1. Choose a plan (click here to know which plan will suit you).
2. A designated Administrator of a company (HR or Training Head) or group should fill the simple registration form and set the account.
3. Follow the instructions until you login to the Business Admin Dashboard.
4. Use the Pay button in the dashboard and follow the payment procedure.
5. Your account will be activated form our end on receipt of payment.
6. On activation the administrator can start creating business users.
7. The administrator should copy the given content of welcome/intimation mail and send it to the business users (Employees).
8. The Administrator can download reports periodically and monitor usage through his dashboard.
9. If required, the business administrator may create an Individual Account (using his personal IDs of Yahoo, Gmail etc.) and try our services for free.
Mail Edit Requests (Individuals and Business Users)
"Check the Training Process Video"
Login as Individual or Business User, as appropriate, using the Members Login menu.
2. Write or paste the body of your email (including salutation and valediction) that needs to be edited and submit.
3. Our panel of editors will edit your mail for grammar, punctuation, brevity and clarity.
4. On completion, you will receive an alert by Email.
5. Copy and paste the Edited Draft to your mailbox and send it.
6. Using the “Compare and Learn” feature understand the corrections made to your original draft.
7. Revert and interact with the editor using the “Doubt Buster” option, if you have any doubts.
 Is this a paid service?
Any Indivi8dual can try our service for free. While there are several contents that are posted periodically under the Resources section for you to read for free, the email editing and learning service is chargeable.

Does your job/business require you to send at least one or two mails, of 75 to 100 words, in a week addressing an important occasion, people, or activity? Then, you would realize that an unedited mail, with loads of mistakes, could cost you more than what you pay us. Read “Why is it important to write good English?

 What are the fees?

It is free to try!! Please click on the fees tab on the navigation bar above. If you are a single user, choose Individual Account. If you are looking on behalf of multiple users of your company or group, choose Business Account.

 Which Plan is suitable for me, Individual or Business?
"Check Video Demo"
It depends on your Usage.

Individual Account is a single user account aimed at office goers, Supervisors, Managers, sales leaders etc, who want to register in their personal capacity and keep it confidential. There are four plans based on their writing habit. Click here to learn more.

Business Account is a multiple user account aimed at companies, who want to train their employees in quality written communication without disturbing their productive hours, where more number of employees will login simultaneously to use our service. There are three plans based on their writing habit. Click here to learn more.
 What about confidentiality?

Please check our privacy policy. However we like to Highlight the following;

  1. The founder of this organization is an experienced and seasoned Trainer (Please refer the About Us Page for more details). Hence we will act with utmost responsibility, integrity and confidentiality in handling information of our clients.
  2. All mails pertaining to a member will be deleted from our data immediately on expiry of a membership plan.
  3. We also urge our users to refrain from using numbers in the drafts they send to us. For E.g.: They can write "..We have achieved $xxxxxx.xx..," instead of "...we have achieved $600000.00..."
  4. Also please note that we are real people with real contact details. Hence you may approach us anytime for any query regarding this issue.
  5. Like a consultant or physician, we use your company information to improve your communication effectiveness. Once that purpose is served we remove that data from our records.
  6. All transactions are secured through SSL.
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