10 Tips For Writing Effective Emails

Email has taken over our business life - well, almost. When you get into the office on a Monday morning, how many emails do you find in your inbox? How many do you open? How many do you actually read?
Whilst email is a fantastic way of communicating quickly, we are beginning to abuse it and need to take a step back and revisit the way we write emails so they have the impact we actually desire.
Here are 10 tips to help you get the best out of your emails
  1. Make the effort to learn about the etiquette involved in writing emails. Internet is basically very informal. If you're writing emails for business, you should get to know if there is a particular 'house style' for emails or rules within your company.
  2. Never send an email if you're angry or upset! On the 'phone it's different because even if you express your anger, you have the time to calm down and put things right with the person before you ring off. With emails, once you hit "send" whatever you've written is there, carved in tablets of stone, for as long as the recipient wants to glare at it. Remember to "count to ten" before sending and if it is a particularly difficult email to write, don't send it straight off but save t as a draft and return to it later in the day or the next morning.
  3. Think about when is the best time to send your emails. Unless it is really urgent, avoid sending emails that coincide with the Monday morning start to the week or the 'can't wait to get away' Friday afternoon. Otherwise your reader may not have the time or energy to really read what you are saying.
  4. If you send emails at the weekend or late at night, you may send out the wrong message about when you are available and people might think you work all hours so they can telephone you at all hours!
  5. People worry about attachments because of computer viruses, even if they have anti-virus software. It maybe that someone who doesn't know you or doesn't receive many emails from you will not risk opening your email if it has an attachment. So until they are sure they can trust you it's better to put your text in the body of the email or contact them beforehand and make sure they're happy to receive information as an attachment.
  6. Layout of emails needs to be simple, straightforward and make reading easy. Don't send really long emails; write short sentences and short paragraphs. It is said that the easiest to read are lines of no more than 65 characters long and you need to get straight to the point of your message and keep to it.
  7. Your subject line needs to make the contents clear so the person will want to open it. Spamming is still an issue and some people receive hundreds of emails per day. So you need to get their attention from the start.
  8. Generally people write as they speak so your style shouldn't be too formal. Use bullet points and indents for lists or different subjects.
  9. Use the signature facility for business emails to add information after your name. It's a great opportunity for you to put across a few words of promotion and/or useful contact information. A 'P.S.' added after your name about a new service or special offer really catches the eye of the person who automatically scrolls down the page to the end of the message.
  10. Beware if you are corresponding to people in your language when this is not their mother tongue. This is an issue for multinationals where the business language is English for example but you are dealing with people in any different countries. Don't make jokes or put in local references or use "well known" sayings as the person on the receiving may not have a clue what you are talking about.
Top tip
For maximum effect only use email to convey facts or to confirm something that has already been discussed. Don't use it as a means of negotiating with someone or for anything that requires any subtlety of explanation. Above all don't over use email; if you sit next to some in your office, don't send them an email, turn round and SPEAK to them!!
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